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Filling the Void: Starwood Brings Vibrancy to Charlotte, North Carolina

May 10, 2016

Filling the Void: Starwood Brings Vibrancy to Charlotte, North Carolina  

New Lifestyle Component Drives Frequency of Visits at Northlake Mall

For brick and mortar malls to compete in the era of online shopping, they must provide something valuable to the consumer—something that can’t be acquired with the click of a mouse. At Charlotte’s Northlake Mall, that “something” is a rich and memorable and robust user experience, plentiful dining and entertainment options, and an elevated design aesthetic.

When Starwood Retail Partners (SRP) first acquired the Northlake property in February 2016, it was already home to 120 in-demand stores. But, in the ever-changing landscape of retail, the existing mall remained limited in its offer, and frequencies of visits were down. SRP determined that for the mall to thrive as a community hub, gaps in its offerings needed to be filled.

“Obviously the Internet provides a vast array of goods that a mall could never compete with, but what you don’t get online is the social aspect,” said Michael Platt, Director of Development for SRP. “We want to enhance the family aspect and frequency of visitation to Northlake by catering to those social needs — in most cases, the amount of times someone might go out to buy a pair of shoes is much less frequent than someone might go out for recreation or a bite to eat.”

To infuse new energy into the mall, SRP went to work on a $50 million redevelopment plan to acquire and incorporate an adjacent 11-acre parcel as a combination and larger format retail, fitness, restaurant and entertainment development to fulfill more daily needs and services for consumers—drawing them in and providing a reason to stay, shop, exercise and engage.

“There will be a very synergistic relationship between the new development and what’s on the ground today,” explained Platt. “What we’re trying to create are vibrant experiences that attract consumers who are looking for more than just a piece of apparel.”

The new development is scheduled for completion by late 2017 and, in addition to new retail, fitness, dining and entertainment options, will include beautiful landscaping, easily navigable parking areas, and pedestrian-friendly walkways for the convenience of families and shoppers of all ages.

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